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Kevin Brown
Published by: Kevin Brown on 12-Jun-19
Ways to Make the Most Out of E-mail Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website
Once your website is created, it doesn?t mean you have to rejoice immediately. The next thing you still have to do is to drive traffic to your website. Getting a lot of hits is almost the same as attracting prospects into the location of the business. For example, if your business shop is located somewhere in a sea of other business shops without any signs of advertisement, how can you attract people into coming to your shop? Chance is, there will only be a few new customers who might stumble across your shop by mistake. Old customers are already used to their trusted stores so there will no need for them to look for another one.

Introduction to e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a type of direct marketing which makes use of the electronic mail as a mode of expressing fundraising or commercial messages to a group of people. In a simpler sense, each email being sent to any prospect can be considered as e-mail marketing. Although the term itself can also be used to refer to these things:

? E-mails that are sent by the Internet.

? The attached advertisements in e-mails sent by companies to their prospective buyers and customers.

? Delivering e-mails with a purpose of deepening the relationship between the businessman with his old and current customers to promote customer loyalty.

? Sending e-mails with the intention of attracting new prospects into buying any of the merchant?s products.

Because e-mail marketing is a very powerful tool, it can become one of the best ways to promote your website. When done properly, you could gain a lot of visitors while it also helps you in avoiding potential pitfalls. Since e-marketing has become very popular nowadays, it has been divided into three categories, which includes:

1. Newsletter marketing

2. Bulk e-mail marketing

3. Marketing to an opt-in list

How to make use of e-mail marketing

To make the best out of using e-mail marketing to drive traffic in your website, here are some helpful tips that you can apply:

? Request permission to all your subscribers whether they will allow you to send them messages. Through marketing to an opt-in list, you can know which individuals are interested in the products you sell to them.

? Allow your subscribers to unsubscribe easily. Customers would really appreciate a fast and easy way of unsubscribing themselves to your e-mails.

? Send messages that only contain information appropriate to the readers. To do this, analyze and know the interests of your subscribers to meet their demands.

? Make your messages short and easy to understand. Since reading from computer?s monitor is slower, you have to be direct to the point. Point out everything to the readers your products and the offers that usually come with them with the sense of urgency to make fast decisions.

? Send your e-mails with adequate intervals. Receiving too many e-mails in just a few days could annoy your subscribers. Chances are, they would unsubscribe or completely ignore your e-mails.

? Make use of video e-mails. Since it is an interactive tool for you to send, you could express verbally the messages you want to convey to your subscribers.

?Make sure that your hosting company is fast and reliable. As you drive more traffic to your website, your hosting company must also be able to keep up with the pace of your business.

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